A Room of Quiet Contemplation

A room of quiet contemplation is a space where two pensive bodhisattva statues are displayed side by side. 

It is a space to lose yourself deep in wandering thought – this serene encounter with pensive beings in the room of contemplation is a privilege to those who experience it. Beginning in a surreal world like the universe of Jean-Julien Pous in a quiet space which is suggesting that you look beyond the matter. It evokes its different solid, liquid, and gas states. The journey of thought slowly moves along a gentle slope of 1 degree and comes face to face with a national treasure. In a space that seems to have absorbed all the light, it naturally moves in the direction the light leads. It is a space where you can calmly fill the time of contemplation and feel peace, comfort, healing, and harmony with the smiles of the two half-hearted thoughts.

Smart Choice Everyday

“SSG Food Market”, located in Cheongdam PIE’N POLUS, is a new concept of culinary culture space based on the expertise built up over 80 years of persistence and belief in food. It is a healthy and attractive shopping space providing sincere and traditional Korean food items, various culinary items from other countries, and trendy items related to life style. Strict and through inspection for high quality food items go off every day. Above all things, SSG Food Market always try to be a connecting spot among producer, supplier, and consumers by reminding their motto “Connections with people”

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04400 2F, 58, Itaewon-ro 54-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
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